Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My 3/50 Project: May

I realized the other day how far behind I am on chronicling my participation in the 3/50 Project.

So, here are my purchases for the month of May.

I got this adorable little bag from an even more adorable knitting and sewing shop in downtown Grand Junction, CO called Tangle, where they suggest you "get in touch with your inner knitter." As soon as I have some free time (ha!) I'm going to take a refresher knitting course from them.

While I was at Tangle, I saw a display of the most AMAZING lotions and soaps. They are from etsy seller Dress Green. Although Dress Green isn't technically local, they are an etsy shop, and that counts in my book. I gave these to my mom as part of her mother's day present, so I can't personally vouch for how they worked out. But I can tell you that these are the most fabulous smelling lotions and soaps I think I've ever come across. I'm waiting for a "woe is me" day so I can justify buying some of them for myself!

In late May, I took the husband to Ouray, CO to celebrate his birthday. While we were there, we bought these amazing pottery pieces from San Juan Pottery. These two pieces are for us; we bought some other pieces, but they're future gifts for people so they have to remain secret. I just love the colors in these. I could stare at them for hours.

We stopped in another cute shop in Ouray. I forget the name of it, but the woman mostly takes vintage denim clothing and sews cute little buttons and lace on them. She also had a few other interesting antique items. The husband spotted this silk embroidered tapestry hanging on a wall.

He immediately fell in love with it.

The woman was unsure of the age or origins, but thought it is probably from Japan some time before World War II.

So we snatched it up before she could change her mind about selling it.

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