Friday, July 17, 2009

My wedding: Part V

A lot of people probably thought it was a little odd that our ring bearer was carrying around a rock with a flower stuck to it.


Have you ever tried to attach rings to a rock? It's not easy. Fortunately, my brother is a bronze artist so we used a blob of some of his sculpting clay to secure the rings.


So why did I decide to have the rings carried on the rock? Well, it sure is a pretty rock. Isn't it? But this is also a notable rock in my life. You see, the day the husband proposed to me, we were high up in the mountains of Colorado collecting some landscaping rocks. I mean, we were collecting ROCKS.



Rock hunting3_r

The short story is that we split up and went in different directions, looking for some large boulders we could use for landscaping. I came across the now famous ring rock, snatched it up, and skipped back to the husband proclaiming that I had just found the prettiest rock. He says he found one better. I tell him there's no way. He tells me to go look for myself. After walking all over looking for his pretty rock on the ground, I finally adjust my eyes a little higher and spot the ring on the stem of a small red rose, sitting on top of a boulder.


And now you know the beginning of the story.

I leave you with the slideshow that our photographer Vlad did for us. Have a happy weekend!

(Top three photos by Vladimir Chaloupka).


  1. I very much enjoyed your wedding story, and photos! Your photographer is a star. I loved the little girls gazing up at you with your hair in curlers, dreaming of their own day. You and your husband make the best couple, and I have no doubt you'll be as happy forever as you were on that day!

  2. Oh what a truly romantic story and wedding. All captured so beautifully on film!!

  3. oh i loved every bit of your love story!


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