Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 136

It's been an insane 2 weeks around here. My mom left this morning to go back to New Mexico after participating in a marathon tiling session. We completed the two original bedrooms and about 80% of the living room. I need to finish tiling, clean all the tile, grout all the tile, and seal all the grout. And then I'm done with tile. But for now I think I'm going to take a nap and sleep for about two days.

We started by sorting the tiles into four main color groups--dark solids, dark mottled, light mottled, and striped--to ensure an even distribution of colors.

Day 136 015_01

We're using the brick pattern in the main area of the house (living room, entry way, and kitchen) mostly because I really like it but also because it will help camoflauge very significant problems that we've encountered in dealing with four different cement slabs from all the previous additions to the house.

Day 136 015_02

We started at the front door, leaving room to step to the side of the tiles. Then we expanded out as far as we could while still leaving a walkway.

The tile can't be walked on for at least 12 hours after it is set. We only have one functional bathroom right now, so we had to leave out one tile and build a bridge so that we could still access the bathroom.

Day 136 030_03

I performed a little balance beam routine on one trip across the bridge. It was so sad that the husband gave me a score of 1.5. I demand a recount.

Day 136 038_05

Yesterday we made it to the back of the living room except for a thin walkway down the side so that my mom could still get to her bedroom. Today I'll clean the tile, and every night this week the husband and I will work on filling in the empty spaces so that we're ready to grout everything soon.

Day 136 046_06

As usual, the supervisor spent most of her time sleeping on the job.

Day 136 046_07

The other day I mentioned how happy I am to finally have real floors. It means I get to drag my Afghan carpets out of their plastic bins and mothballs. Here's a sneak peak at one of my favorite kilims.

Day 136 046_08


  1. Oh how I love saltillo...I know I have said it before...but swoon. I did our small kitchen and then a sunporch (which we enclosed) In our last florida house. Yours look so did due diligence on the before sealer! Also am loving the brick pattern I did diamond (but with the sunroom created a 8X10 rug of smashed mosaic tile)

    LOVE your rugs with that tile!!!

    I am so excited for you and so impressed. Not easy stuff! That mud is HEAVY!!

  2. We decided to suck it up and pay extra to buy the tiles pre-sealed. It was the best decision we ever made! And you're so right about the stuff being heavy. Just mixing the mud sucked the life out of me...

    I'll keep the comment about the mosaic tile hidden from the husband. He keeps talking about doing something like that in the kitchen, but I am quickly running out of enthusiasm for tile. I'm so ready to move on to landscaping the backyard!

  3. Wow! It's stunning. And I like how it's shiny too. Of course, the rug is gorgeous! Great job. Now, you can order that copper soaking tub you showed me years ago!

  4. Sadie the supervisor is doing her job to the T!!!
    who is the other wiem. did i miss her/him? i love how they are both on pillows! cute

  5. The other dog is Sadie's sister, Lucy. She's my mom's dog, and whenever my mom comes to help me with the house she brings Lucy. They keep each other occupied so that we can get some work done. :)


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