Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Horse mountain

I'm finally back home in Colorado. Sadie and I are getting back into our routine, which involves a 2-mile hike every morning at some BLM land behind our house in the area known as Horse Mountain.

A storm is coming in today that will drop the temperature by about 20 degrees by this afternoon. I'm not looking forward to that, but it sure made for some good photos today.

This photo shows one side of the palisade.

Hiking_Sept 09 039

On the left of this photo is part of Horse Mountain, and on the right is the landmark known as Mount Garfield.

Hiking_Sept 09 038

Here's more of the Bookcliffs, with Mount Garfield on the left.

Hiking_Sept 09 031

Sadie really loves these hikes in the summer, because she can chase lizards. She lives to chase lizards. She's never managed to really catch one.

But one time she jumped in the air and landed with a paw on a blue tail lizard's tail. The lizard dropped its tail (how creepy, huh?) and ran into the cover of the bushes. Sadie sat there watching the little tail wiggle on the ground, looking from me to the tail, and back at me again, with the most confused look on her face. I had a good laugh.

The only thing that can tear her away from hunting lizards is the thought of getting a cookie. I always have one or two in my pocket. Every now and then she'll leave the lizards and come roaring back down the road.

Hiking_Sept 09 028

Hiking_Sept 09 029

She'll beg until I give her a cookie.

Hiking_Sept 09 022

If I happen to be out of cookies, I just have to point at a bush and yell "LIZARD!" and she's off on the hunt again.

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