Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The dog ate my contact

Anybody out there ever use the excuse that "the dog ate my (fill in the blank)" to cover up for the fact that you didn't do something you were supposed to do?

That's how I feel right now. But Lucy (my mom's dog) really did eat my contact! I have proof! And I caught her red-handed (or red-pawed...) so I know it was her and not her equally mischievous sister, Sadie Bug.

The Dog Ate My Contact

It seems sad to use that as an excuse for why I've been such a bad blogger lately. But it's just one more chapter of the unusual story of my life lately. First, I came to my parents' house in NM to deposit Sadie in the loving care of her Grammy while I jetted off to Baltimore to be there for one of my best friends as she got married. (That was fabulous, by the way, and I'll share a few good photos next week.)

Then I came back to NM for a memorial service for my grandmother, who died in early August. Between then and now I've been trying to catch up with some letterpress printing (I brought my small press to NM with me) and taking care of my horse, Mickey, who--at the age of 5--still lives here with his grandparents. (How embarrassing for him and me, because it means we still haven't fenced our property...)

Mickey 006

Mickey... Sigh. He needs a post (or three or four) all to himself. Suffice it to say that this is the most injury-prone horse I've ever had. I had to extend my trip to NM so I could care for his latest injury while my dad was out of town. I'm getting pretty good at bandaging horse legs. The one in this photo was done by the vet during his last check up, but the one I did today looks almost as good and is purple!

Mickey 007

Today I frantically sought out a place near my parents' house where I can get in for an emergency eye exam tomorrow so I can get some new contacts. The emergency is due to the fact that I didn't bring any extra contacts with me, the eye glasses I have with me are from about four prescriptions ago, and I leave on Thursday for another trip. This next trip will take me to Wisconsin for a funeral for my great aunt. I'll be traveling with my dad and his sister, and despite the somber nature of the visit, I'm really looking forward to the trip and finally seeing the area where my dad spent his childhood.

By next week I should be back at home and all should be back to normal. (Key word is "should.") To celebrate, I'll be featuring some giveaways of some new letterpress goods I've been working on, including some of these gift tags. So, stay tuned, and I'll catch up with you all soon.

Letterpress tags 004

Letterpress tags 007


  1. Wow - tons of travel. Weddings and funerals. I'm sorry to hear about the funerals. Mickey's adorable -- Lucy, not so much!

  2. oh you have been through a lot lately... i tuned into the eaten glasses becasue with 2 pups in my house its more like whats NOT eaten, and there is not much in that column...

    sorry for your recent family losses...

    your horse is beautiful, i hope he heals quickly~ your cards are wonderful too.

    here is to hoping things are all on the upswing for you and your family~

  3. I love your horse...I even love your mom's dog (c'mon...that takes chutzpa...no?)

    I wish you less complicated times. Your letterpress cards are darling!!

    We are having a quiet morning in a drizzly Argentina under down blankets with amazing cafe con leche. Lovin' it!


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