Thursday, November 19, 2009

Locks of love

I found today that one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday is by removing about 20 pounds of hair. It's quite refreshing (and a lot lighter!).


Hair before


Hair after

I've been planning on cutting my hair for about a year, but I struggled to grow it as long as possible so that I could have a mighty long contribution for Locks of Love. I hope they find a good use for that rat's nest!


  1. Wow! Foxy lady! Looks fabulous.

  2. swwweeeer swwwwear that is a whistle by the way. hee hee. does Sadie bug recognize you?

  3. Thanks! It's taking some getting used to. Last night when I was going to wash my face I found that I had very little left for a pony tail!

    I had to take Sadie with me yesterday. She was waiting in the car for me and when I came walking up to the car it looked to me like she did a bit of a double take before she realized it was me. :)

  4. Oh wow! It looks GREAT! Enjoy your new look!

  5. Nice haircut! That's quite a commitment to grow it out for so long. I'm sure that your locks will go towards something awesome.

    I'm growing mine out now, but I've got a ways to go before I can give any of it away, since I go crazy if I can't tie it up (and nobody wants hair from a mad woman).

  6. Beautiful! And so donate.

    My son's did that. sons.

  7. Wow, I love your new look (your hair is such a beautiful color too) and love even more that you did it for Locks of Love.

  8. Wow! You look terrific! What a great thing to do.

  9. I'm sure that your locks will go towards something awesome.

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  10. it looks beautiful and how sweet of you to share~


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