Monday, November 23, 2009

Winner of Week 4 of the Great Letterpress Giveaway

Happy Monday to you all!

I'll get right to the good news: The first winner was picked randomly and is comment 13 from Sheryl (Sheryl, please send me your email so that I can get a mailing address for you). I picked the second winner based on their story of their best birthday, and it was very close between several entries. But I ended up picking c_lavallee because I love the idea of a girl turning 13 and celebrating with her mom by having a makeover and making a dance video! Each winner will receive a set of these floral cards.

Coming up later today will be the prizes and modified rules for a combined Week 5 and 6 giveaway (because over the weekend I realized that, like me, most people will probably be away from their computers at the end of this week). Stay tuned!


  1. ooooh lucky them! So generous you are.

    I like talking backwards.

  2. p.s. HaPpY BiRtHDaY!!!!!! (i am usually late but it still means the same!)

  3. Thanks very much for the birthday wishes!


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