Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Armed and ready for battle

Tomorrow morning we'll leave to go to the husband's family's ranch in Wyoming for Christmas. They have a place not far from Yellowstone. Yeah, it's gorgeous. But it's also C.O.L.D.

Last year it was the kind of cold where the snow burns your bare skin. Sadie would walk a few feet in it and then stop, lifting up alternating paws that hurt from the cold. So, we're better prepared this year with a body suit from Ruffwear and super dooper hunting dog booties from Cabelas.

I know she looks like she doesn't like it. Like she's embarassed. Like she knows that the tough Wyoming dogs will make fun of her.

Sadie's ready for winter 005_r

But at least I'll feel better knowing that she's staying warm when she's with us on our wood cutting adventures to gather firewood.

Sadie's ready for winter 015_r

And at a minimum, we'll all get a good chuckle out of the ordeal. Well, all of us but Sadie...


  1. Oh my goodness, she is so cute and so sad and yes, definitely a bit embarrased! Poor thing! Thanks for the chuckle. :-)

  2. OH MY! I laughed so hard watching her poor little self walk like that! She is sooo cute! Clomp...clomp...clomp...

    Have a great clompin' time out there!

  3. She looks very athletic--much better than she would if you stuck her in a goofy dog sweater.

    I got your package of thank you cards in the mail yesterday. They're beautiful. Thank you so so much for the present--it made my day! When I have some spare cash, I will be sure to purchase some of your stuff . . .

    Merry Christmas, Melissa.

  4. Oh my gosh that is hilarious! But I take care of my doggies in the cold weather, too!

  5. drats my computer won't load the video, but she is a little fashion plate! i love yellowstone, so pretty, but winter, egads its cold! wishing you a very merry christmas, safe travels and stay warm!

  6. how wonderful.
    i am sending this link to my mom.

    merry Christmas xxx

  7. This is Renee's Mom,
    I have that store in Portland Maine,
    WE get big time snow here.
    Thank you and my Daughter

  8. Hmm Melissa....ya don't think any of her "cousin" probs has to do with her sporting her new orange boots??! I have sent this little video to many peeps. My kids loved it the best! Watching one last time!

  9. Ha - love it! Am sure Sadie forgave you as soon as you reached the frozen-land. Hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing time.


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