Friday, December 18, 2009

Custom card project

The last few days have been a little hectic. The husband asked for personalized cards for 12 women at his office in time for the first of two holiday parties last night. He asked for their name on the cards along with something else, perhaps a snowflake.

I had originally intended to print the snowflake without ink (just the impression) and then print the women's names in color over the top of the snowflake. But I tried printing the snowflake that way and it lost too much of the detail. So, we changed the plan and I printed the snowflakes in metallic silver and then printed their names at the top of the cards. I didn't have enough envelopes of one color (he originally asked for 25 cards for each person!), so I did half in red and half in a light blue.

Justin's custom cards 001

I'm really happy with how some of the names turned out. Certain letters of this font are just so darn pretty. I love the k and the h.

Justin's custom cards 006

Justin's custom cards 004

Yesterday afternoon I finished trimming the cards and then realized I needed a good way to package them! I didn't have enough time to wrap them, so I found these kraft boxes I ordered for cards a long time ago. The cards printed in red were wrapped with a white ribbon inside the box, and I used red cotton string, a red reindeer tag, and some red and white berry decorations I had in my craft stash. For the blue cards, I wrapped them with a blue ribbon inside the box, and used cream colored cotton string, a silver reindeer tag, and some silver decorations from my craft stash. Thank goodness for the craft stash!

Justin's custom cards 014

I think they turned out ok, all things considered, and they were a big hit at the party last night.

Justin's custom cards 010

Now that I've finished that project, I can get back to printing some things today for my brother and some purple moose for that one blog reader who is so patiently waiting for her critter cards! :)


  1. Absolutely exquisite - no wonder they were a big hit at the party - those lucky ladies! The packaging is just as fabulous as the cards.

  2. Wow those are great gifts! so pretty :) - Chatelaine

  3. Wowza....what a beautiful gift! i don't think I would want to open it!

  4. Turned out so beautiful! Great job!

  5. Love the cards, love the lettering, love the packaging!! So beautiful!

  6. Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments! :D


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