Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baked noggin

We have about 8 inches of snow so far today. It's still snowing. It's really cold out.

I said all that as justification for why a certain spoiled dog must spend her time these days with her head and as much of her body as possible within 4 inches of the wood stove.

I keep telling her that she's going to bake her brain, but she doesn't listen.

Baked brain


  1. maybe it is because she has already baked it!!! lol. the floor turned out really nice!

  2. ok, i may butcher the actual color names but it has been a long day, and if you are out of a color feel free to replace at will..... i am so frickin excited i don't care what color really.

    camel, pink, blue
    lab, blue
    wiem, purple, blue, pink,
    moose, purple, blue,
    elephant, cream
    beaver, blue, purple
    squirrel, blue, purple
    W Dog, blue, purple, pink
    Giraffe, pink, blue
    porcupine, cream, purple

    i am so excited i am trying to figure out who to write something random to... :)

  3. oh then whatever colors you have are great!!!! i truly don't care. i am just beyond excited to get any of them! i also linked your etsy store on my non-dog-farm blog. hopefully that will boost some sales!

  4. How cute...and smart...well HOT really is she?

    The floors rock!


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