Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine's day skunks

I just came in from putting the finishing touches on my Valentine's day card for this year. This is a major accomplishment, considering the fact that I still have to send about 10 Christmas cards!

Valentines skunks 1

I've been wanting to print them for the longest time, but just finally had the time to do it this week.

Valentines skunks 4

If anyone needs a Valentine's day card (or even a general card for someone you know who's a little different or marches to the beat of their own drum), they're now available in my little shop.

Valentines skunks 3


  1. LOVE those! I think to start sending old fashioned handwritten notes...nstead of to look at your shop! And YES...I would be privledged to accept some of your practice knit hats for my program!

  2. Oh my goodness those are adorable! :) Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday so I am obsessed with anything cute and lovey :) So cute!

  3. So cute!!! And what a great idea. I love it! And I'm so excited you're going to be doing Serena's invitations! Can't wait to see those beauties!


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