Friday, February 19, 2010

February blog love

A huge, huge thanks to a few fellow bloggers for recently mentioning me and this little blog over on their blogs!

Just today, Ann Martin from All Things Paper wrote such a nice little post about me and my adventures in letterpress printing. If you have even a remote interest in things related to paper, make sure you check out her blog. Ann is a quilling (paper filigree) enthusiast, and in addition to sharing some of her own work, she also features the work of other great paper artists. I can't stop thinking about this lovely piece by Cecilia Louie I saw not long ago. I think one of these with a child's name would make a fantastic gift for a new mom!

(Isn't it gorgeous?? Photos by Cecilia and via All Things Paper)

Ann also posts a lot of fabulous tutorials on quilling (see the sidebar on the right of her blog), so I'll take this opportunity to say that one of the other items on my official list of things to do in 2010 is to try my hand at quilling. I'm planning on pestering Ann for lots of advice and help!

And just yesterday, one of my best friends in this whole big world mentioned my blog over at her blog, Squiggles and Stories. Like me, Sonia is a freelance medical editor, but she's also working on her first novel and has the most adorable little family with three of the cutest kids on the planet. Two important things to know about Sonia: She's the most organized person I know and she can do the Baltimore "hon" accent flawlessly! Stop by her blog and read about some of the hilarious things her kids say and do. I'm still laughing over this recent post about her youngest son.

And last but definitely not least, a big thanks to Shane Rocket for mentioning my letterpress cards and Etsy shop on one of her blogs. She has a heart of gold and is the hero of so many rescue animals. I love reading the stories about her animals on her blog My Dog Farm, which is currently the home of 6 dogs (several rescued and several Weimaraners!) and 2 kittens (both adopted after fostering them and their momma). Oh, and a few rats and hamsters have called the farm home, too. I'm of course partial to her Weimaraners, but one of the most recent additions to her dog family is Peanut. I love her and can't get enough of her ears!

(Don't you just wanna snuggle with her?? Photo by Shane Rocket, My Dog Farm)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Aww, thanks very much for the shout out, Melissa. It was my pleasure to feature you, and feel free to pester me all you want about quilling, as I love to help people get started.

  2. Ann Martin did you right! I had to brag on her blog about being One of the Lucky Recipients of your "I Like Your Stripes" valentine... (See how even in helping to toot your horn, I manage to toot my own?)

  3. You SOOOO deserve to be mentioned. Anywhere...and everywhere.

    Hey....make any Dane prints yet? Let me know when....and I'll order. Cards, tags...envelopes...whatever!

  4. THANKS THANKS THANKS... i have been sick and am trying to catch up on my fellow blogger friends. trust me peanut will come visit if she can wear as cool of outfit as sadiebug and her coat and booties!!! hugs to all.


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