Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A day in the sun

After a very long weekend working on a set of wedding invitations, I spent most of yesterday outside working on the garden.

The weather was amazing, so I brought all the girls outside with me. The husband helped me build a very small temporary pen by our workshop so that I can let them come outside for a bit when the weather is nice. The sides are almost 4 feet high and I found out yesterday that we'll need higher sides soon. The girls love testing their new wings, and Harriet made it up in the air to within 6 inches of the top of the fence! Hazel spent most of her time walking around looking up in the air, trying to figure out just how hard she'll have to flap her wings to make it over the top...

It's a little hard to tell from the photo, but the girls have nearly tripled in size and have lots of feathers now. They have the cutest tails that stick up in the air now!

Baby chickens soaking up the sun

True to her genetics as a pointer, Sadie pointed the way to the baby chickens. This series of photos was taken over the course of almost 2 minutes. She'd hold each pose for at least 30-45 seconds!

Sadie points the way to the chicks1

Sadie points the way to the chicks2

Sadie points the way to the chicks3

That last photo cracks me up. Sadie was in the process of taking a step forward when one of the chicks started hassling another chick (they do that alot!). She froze in place, with that hind leg in mid air, and stood there for at least 30 seconds. She may have stood there even longer if I hadn't started laughing and distracted her!


  1. as the better half sleeps i am trying really hard to contain my laughter... omg. Sadie you are cut from the same mold as our Monte. .... ... !

  2. It's funny how their instincts and genetics take over their brain. I had such a hard time getting anything done yesterday because I was so busy watching Sadie watch the girls. She'd nearly have a heart attack when one of the girls would try flying!


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