Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The IQ of a baby chicken

I've been digging in the garden recently and have uncovered some grubs. Do you know how much baby chickens like grubs? They like them a lot!

The sad thing is that Harriet (the black one) figured out almost immediately that grubs are good and that grubs come to her on a paper plate, and so when the paper plate enters the box be ready to grab a grub. Hazel (the white one) was about a day behind Harriet in discovering this for herself. But I first started feeding them small grubs about five or six days ago, and Greta (the gray one, my favorite one) STILL doesn't get it. She has only managed to get two grubs that she stole out of her sister's beaks. Despite my best efforts to keep Harriet and Hazel away and let Greta look at the grubs on the paper plate, she just doesn't understand the concept yet.

Not long after I introduced them to fine dining on grubs, I added a small perch to their box. Hazel jumped on it right away, and Harriet was right behind her. But it's been about four days since the addition of the perch, and Greta still hasn't jumped on it that I've seen.

I hate to say it, but I think Greta might be stupid!


  1. Oh...I dunno if I would call her stupid. Maybe more of a "middle manager" Let the others do the work (getting the grub) Then try your darndest to steal them away!

    I'm sure there is a state job out there somewhere for her!

  2. Oh, yes! I like the thought of her being a middle manager much more than I like the thought of having a stupid chicken! :D

  3. A. i played this and the kittens went loony at my computer, they are still trying to figure the sound out, LOL
    B. POOOOOR Greta... 2 out of 3 for brains isn't bad i guess!!!


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