Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where are the baby chickens?

Sadie knows where they are.

On a totally unrelated note, you can see from the video that we still have sections of the floor that aren't tiled. After many months (EIGHT months, to be exact), I think we finally have a solution to the problem we encountered with the defective sealer on the last pallet of tile. We can't get any more tile to replace the defective ones, but we have tried a new sealer for the past month or so that seems to work well. So as soon as the weather warms up just a bit, we can get back to tiling and will finish the floors. Yay!


  1. Thanks for sharing the video. It's been so long since I've had baby chickens. Your video and past pictures of the chicks help to make up for my empty nest.

  2. holy buckets.... i want to hug her sooo tight! she is so seriously like our Monte. for Monte it is "where is your ball?" or "where are the kittens?" that invokes in him the EXACT response!!!

    sadie bug.... you are too cute!

  3. Little rocket scientist in fur! I love that little furbrain!

    Our Bo(zo) will do that with different kids names. For some reason Olivia our 14 year old is known as "the girl"...we get the same response...but he usually puts a wet cold nose on her to wake her up. God forbid you make a whole sentence of "whatisit cookie walk friends who's here where is the girl hungry let's see runrunrun sit stay down whereisQuinton leaveit oooooooooh jump dance play dead bang bang" Which we do (just for fun...we are mean that way) His little head spins and contorts. This is his vocab.He get's confused. We are bad.


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