Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 367

I officially have a new patio. Yay!

Poured concrete patio

Next up on the list to do:
1. Figure out how to camoflage the gap between the patio and the bottom of the house on the left side of the patio. See, the patio had to slope somewhat as it goes away from the house to ensure that any water drains properly. Normally that wouldn't be that big of a deal, but the previous owner who did that part of the house addition intentionally made that part of the house out of level by several inches. Talk about a DIY project gone bad. The only reason I can think of for doing that is because the grass at the back of the house used to be flood irrigated and the water went straight toward the house, and they didn't want to have to do a lot of dirtwork to make sure that the water didn't flood the house. So instead they just built that part of the house higher than the dirt. I have a couple of different ideas on how to camoflage the gap, and a few strategically placed pots with flowers should help, too.

2. In about a week or so, we'll apply a stain to the concrete. It will probably be a mix of 2 or 3 colors so that the patio will blend a little better into the landscaping rocks I'll be using. There will be a sandstone and colored gravel path on the side of the house that leads from the front of the house to the right side of the patio closest to the house. To the left of the patio, another flagstone path will lead to the back of the house where we will have an area of colored gravel with a fire pit and seating area and then a small area of lawn. We had to move a lot of dirt behind the house to level that area and ensure that water drains away from the house. So all that dirt will be piled up in a little berm beyond the lawn. I'll build a short retaining wall using moss covered rock, and the area will be planted with various pretty things. The flagstone path will continue around the other side of the house and back out to the front. That side of the house will eventually have another seating area and lots of pretty plants. It is the perfect spot to sit and watch the sun set. Oh, and the fire pit with seating around it? It will be positioned just right so that we can sit there at night in the summer and watch the moon rise over the cliffs behind us. Talk about a spectacular sight!

3. For the part of the patio furthest away from the house, we will build a pergola that stradles that section of the patio. I've been waffling on what it will be built out of, but I think I've settled on having the husband build something out of rusty metal. It will have four posts and a lattice-type cover. I'll plant clematis, climbing roses or some other climbing, flowering plant at each post to cover the structure and provide some much needed shade for this area on our hot afternoons in the summer. Under the shade structure we'll have a patio table and chairs, and our BBQ will sit conveniently to the left of the patio. After thinking about it yesterday, I think we'll need to run electricity to the pergola area so that we can easily plug in the blender for all those frozen drinks I'll be enjoying there.

4. You're probably thinking it couldn't come soon enough. In the coming weeks, we'll be replacing that gosh darn awful red fascia around the roof, and if things go right we'll be covering the roof with a new rusty metal roof. Oh, and I'll be painting that awful white gas line seen in other photos so that it matches the color of the house. Yahoo!


  1. Hey...that was lickety split fast! Now you need a beautiful umbrella. Wink.

  2. Congrats on being another step closer to drinks on the patio! I love reading about all your plans and seeing them come to life.


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