Friday, April 16, 2010

Sitting in the sun (plus an awesome giveaway!)

"Work from home" has never been so good. Yesterday I sat in this chair outside--in the sun, on my new patio--and did a little bit of work. And I say "a little bit" because I kept finding myself drifting off into a little nap. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

Sadie enjoyed the time, too. She now firmly believes that a nap on a sun-warmed patio is much better than rolling around in the dirt. Unless the dirt has something stinky and needs to be rolled in so as to transfer the stinky smell to the point between her shoulders, but I digress.

Sadie in the sun

So the little chair is nice and all, but it's a lightweight chair we bought for camping. It's not really practical for everyday use. Once we have the patio stained and finished, I'll be moving our patio table and chairs back here. And then do you know what the space could really use? Why, it could use a gorgeous patio umbrella (in camel, thanks) and four gorgeous outdoor pillows (in armona flamingo stripe, thanks). And golly, it just so happens that Linda at Lime in the Coconut is hosting a giveaway of a gorgeous sun patio umbrella and four gorgeous outdoor pillows from, you guess it, a joint called Cushions and Umbrellas. Can you believe it? What an awesome giveaway!!! Go here to read the details and find out how to enter.


  1. Looks like a great day to be outside and your pup sure seems to be enjoying it:)

  2. Well...looky made a patio just for Sadie!


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