Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 394

I have a little more progress to report. The roof is done, the new gutters are up, and I am 95% done painting the trim around the house. Yahoo! Now we are focused on getting the fence up around the house by this weekend, because my mom is coming on Sunday night and is bringing Sadie's sister, Lucy! YAY! Sadie is very excited. I am even more excited that my mom is coming. I'm going to put her right to work on some projects around the house. Maybe we'll have a little fun, too!

So here are some before and after photos of the exterior. I can't wait for the official "after" photos once all the landscaping is done!

Garage converted to master suite:
Original garage

Master after

West side of house:
Original side

Side after

Back of house:
Original back

Back after

Front of house:
Original front

Front after

Next month we'll hopefully be replacing the porch posts and sprucing up the ceiling of the porch. And yeah, I'll be getting rid of all those pots cluttering up the area around the front porch!

I'll be a little lax in my blog posting over the next few weeks as I get into super high gear on the house. Hopefully the "after" photos will be worth the wait! :)


  1. Just amazing! What is that fascinating peak behind you? Do you and Sadie climb it ever?

  2. Thanks!

    What looks like a peak in the before photo of the front of the house is actually the tail end of a long cliff that forms the palisade that the town is named after. Here's a little hint of things to come around here: The view of that part of the cliff is really good from our backyard. We're going to build a fire pit and seating area in the backyard where we can sit in the summer and watch the moon rise over the cliffs. It is a pretty awesome thing to see.

    Sadie and I go walking in the BLM land that is adjacent to the back part of the cliff, but I'm not sure that there are any hiking trails up the actual cliff; it is quite steep and the rock is really unstable. Across the street from us are the Bookcliffs and Mt. Garfield, and there are lots of hiking trails over there that we've ventured on before. I'll have to include some photos of them one of these days.

  3. I love befores and afters. You're making such great progress!


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