Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I had hoped that this post would be a progress report on the house, but my contractor was in a very bad car accident last week. He's supposed to be out of the hospital now, so I'm praying for his speedy recovery and that he's feeling better soon.

So instead of a house update, I leave you with this photo of one of my roses from last year (sadly, it did not survive the winter) and wish a Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Barbara (the coolest lady I know!), and to all the other moms out there! Have a wonderful weekend.

Rose 3


  1. oh no! So sorry to hear about the contractor's accident. What a beautiful rose... truly one of my very favorites colors.

  2. Why thank you, ma dear! Geez....sure hope your contractor is ok. Scary for him.


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