Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hen house

I need to start thinking about some proper accomodations for the girls.

Would it be ridiculous to build something like one of these for just three hens? I think this is why my friends call me "super size."

chicken coop

chicken coop2

chicken coop3

chicken coop4

I can see it now. I get three hens because that's all I need. I build a massive chicken coop for them. And then next year I decide that the large coop requires the addition of more hens. This is a genetic defect I inherited from my father. Case in point: His friend gave him a motor for a small boat. He didn't have a boat, so he bought one. Now he's out shopping for a bigger motor. See? I can't be held responsible. It's in my DNA.


  1. I don't know, man...if it were me...I would add a living space, too. Hen/guesthouse!

  2. those are gonna be three real lucky girls! and then Sadie won't be able to use them as squeeker toys! :)


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