Monday, May 31, 2010

Smackdown: Wild Weimaraner Entertainment

One of my goals while my mom was here was to finish the tile floor at the back half of the living room so that I could apply a couple of coats of sealer to the grout and tiles so that I could FINALLY put down one of my gazillion carpets that have been in storage for ages.

Approximately 38.6 seconds after we unrolled it, two gray monkeys decided that it was their new wrestling mat. This is about the 4th wrestling match they had, and it was followed by at least 3 others before they decided to calm down. Then Sadie just rolled her grubby little body around on the carpet. She's so happy to have something soft instead of the cold, hard tile.

This video will show you why Sadie Bug is also known as Thug Bug. Lucy (in the orange collar) is always submissive. Sadie is always dominant. We try to encourage them to switch rolls, and sometimes Sadie will throw herself on the ground, but Lucy just doesn't know how to go in for the attack. For the most part they play well until Sadie manages to get a hold of Lucy's collar (you can see her trying at one point in the video) and starts dragging her around by it.

Lucy and my mom left yesterday to go home to NM. Sadie is still sleeping. Pictures of all of our efforts will be coming soon!


  1. I thought I posted...maybe not. LOVE your gray monkies and their little hot dog tails!And they sure know how to pick a wrestling!

  2. crackheads.... made me laugh, hard!


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