Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 415

My mom and I made a lot of progress on the house while she was here, including re-sealing the tiles and grout at the back half of the living room so that I could finally put down one of my carpets. Here's a "before and after" for you of the back half of our living room.

Before (yes, the house was that dark, with blood red walls and dark gray carpet):

Living room_before4


Back half living room L

Back half living room R

This back section of the living room is mostly done. I still need to swap out the almond receptacles and switches for white ones and put on new switch plates and covers, paint the trim around the windows, hang the new roman shades, and stain the doors.

We'll be getting a new-to-us antique coffee table in about a week (I can't wait to show it to you!) and I'm on the hunt for a new floor lamp to go on the side of the couch to the left of the painting. I'm also currently working on breaking the husband down to agree to move the couch to the long wall with the windows and replace it with either two new reclining chairs or a smaller loveseat. I'm also working on replacing my ancient TV with a nice flat screen, but the husband continues to resist. I think we are the only married couple in America where the woman wants the big flat screen and the husband doesn't!

I must tell you how nice it is to sit in that small corner of the house and feel like we finally are living in something that resembles a normal house! And Sadie wants you to know that she is still enjoying rubbing her grubby little body all over the carpet!


  1. I'm sorry I do not visit more often... I wanted to pop in and see the progress on your house and see that it's pretty much done! Everything is so beautiful! :)I bet you're so happy!

  2. What a transformation - the new look is so nice and light!

  3. Wow! That's amazing! I love the light that the new window brings to the room. And all the furniture looks really comfy! I wish I could come and see it in person!!


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