Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Belgian oak sideboard

About two weeks ago, I told you I recently acquired two awesome pieces of furniture from an antique store outside of Denver. The first was this old cart that was used in a Thomasville furniture factory to move pieces of furniture from one spot to the next in the assembly line.

This is the other piece. It's a 1920ish oak sideboard from Belgium, and I am thrilled to pieces to have it in my life. After we remodeled our house, I had this long wall right near the front door. I've looked for more than a year for an antique something of the right size to put on this wall. I had finally given up when I came across this awesome find.


It is about 4 feet high and 8 feet long and is the perfect combination of storage space for kitchen items I don't use very much, and also for many of the cast iron pots I have that are weighing heavily on the rolling shelves in my regular kitchen cabinets. The top of it provides the perfect surface for displaying our many "things" and also a nice landing spot for mail, keys, and cell phones. 

Arched panel door

I love that it's so simple, with just a bit of detail on the arch of the doors. I particularly love the key to the cabinets! And I am still giddy over the amazingly good deal I got on it. It turns out that they have a new shipment of goodies coming in next month and they were having a huge sale to clear out their existing inventory. I got this for basically the guy's cost to buy it and ship it here. I couldn't buy half of the wood to build this for the price I paid. Man, I love a good deal!!

Key to sideboard

The wood is very dry, so I'm spending a lot of time oiling it before I break out all my knick knacks for the top. And now I'm plotting what to do for the space on the wall above it. I have a ton of paintings and other notable items I've collected from my travels, and the other day I got the perfect idea of what to do to display them. The brilliant Linda over at Lime in the Coconut installed gallery shelves in her house to display all her goodies, and I'm thinking I might just steal that idea! I'm hoping to talk the husband into building some shelves out of the antique oak boards we have left over from our project on the front porch.


  1.'s a beauty! Almost looks like it is from a church.

    As for the shelves...easy peasy. I built ours...and a half hour!

  2. I had that same vibe, that maybe it came from a church or a monastery or something.

    Glad to know that the shelves were so easy to do! But I'm still planning on giving that job to the husband... I have too many jobs left on my list to do around here! :)


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