Friday, June 25, 2010

Growing garden

After many delays due to our unusually cold spring, my garden is starting to really come along.

This morning I picked the last of the snow and snap peas. I planted just a few plants of several varietieis this year so that I could identify which ones I like the most. I ended up harvesting nearly three large collander's worth of peas! By far my favorite is the super sugar snap peas from Territorial Seed. I'm not wasting my time with any other variety next year. These things are so good and sweet that I'd eat them for dessert!

Super sugar snap peas

I'm starting to see signs of tiny cabbage amongst all the giant leaves. I just love the color of my Ruby Ball cabbage. It's the first year I've ever grown cabbage, so I'm curious how they'll taste.

Ruby ball cabbage

I'm so anxious to get canning this year. We had such a lousy fruit crop last year that I didn't make any jam, and now we're out of jam from 2008. Oh, the horror! Our plum and apricot trees are loaded with fruit, but they are slow to mature this year due to the cold spring.

Our apricots are still hard little green rocks, currently covered in the snowy-white fuzz of the seeds from the nearby cottonwood trees.

Baby apricots

We have two mature and five young blood plum trees, and all but three of the young trees are LOADED with plums. Right now they look more like tiny key limes than the lip-smacking good plums we're anxiously awaiting.

Baby satsumas


  1. Glad that you like the Super Sugar Snap peas as much as we do. They look great! Happy gardening,

    Territorial Seed Company


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