Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We have a new animal living on our property. And no, I didn't bring this one home from the feed store against the husband's wishes.

Baby bunny

This one just moved in all on his own.

It's a baby cottontail bunny. An orphan baby cottontail bunny. I haven't seen any siblings, and he's out on his own all the time with no parental supervision.

Baby bunny

He spends his days munching sweet and juicy grass in the shade of our walnut tree, and he cruises around the front yard like he owns the joint.

When I open the front door, he goes roaring back to his home, which is not very conveniently located in a pile of wood scraps right by our front porch.

Baby bunny

He's been here for a few weeks now, and he obviously has no intention of leaving anytime soon. So I decided he needs a name, and he just looks like a "Wilbur" to me. Sadie disagrees, though. She said he looks more like a "Snack" to her.

Baby bunny

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