Monday, August 2, 2010


Freedom is a precious thing. Unfortunately, most of us take it for granted until it's gone.

Last Friday afternoon the husband jumped on an airplane for two weeks in Australia. He claims he's there "working" but could hardly contain the joy in his voice as he exclaimed that the place where he is working has "a great view of the ocean!" Yeah, so it's right near the Great Barrier reef. So what. I'm not bitter...

Anyway, as his last act of cruelty the morning before he left, he built this thing: one of the gates from the backyard into the garden. Up until this point, that area of the fence was open and Sadie could come and go as she pleased.

No longer.


And she's not happy. Oh, you should have heard the things she said to her daddy when he installed it!

On a more positive note, my mom and Lucy arrived on Saturday night, and as you can see from the background of this photo, we are hard at work on the backyard. I have ambitious plans to achieve while the husband is gone!

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