Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great expectations

After getting off to a rather slow start, my garden is finally starting to live up to my expectations for it.


I've started harvesting the first stupice and sweet million cherry tomatoes. Yum. And I've already enjoyed this season's first platter of these tomatoes topped with fresh basil from the garden, mozzarella, and some Temecula Olive Oil Company olive oil. Did I say Yum?

Stupice and sweet million

You can probably hear their skin stretching as the ambrosia and lambkin melons get bigger each day. (Note to the husband if you're reading this: Those two ambrosia melons might not be there by the time you get home. I'm just sayin'...)

Ambrosia melon

Lambkin melon

I'm looking forward to few things in life as much as eating this Honey Bear acorn squash. I seriously cannot wait to eat it. Thankfully, the three squash plants are doing outstanding this year, so I should have several squash to enjoy.

Honey bear acorn squash

I'm also looking forward to trying this Bush Delicata squash. It's the first time I've tried growing it, and I'm anxious to see what it tastes like.

Bush delicata

Even my first-year strawberries are on a roll this summer!


With the exception of the strawberries, which were purchased bare root, all of the plants were grown from seed from Territorial Seed Company. If you are looking for seed for outstanding vegetables, this should be your first stop!


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