Monday, August 9, 2010

Is it green yet?

Last night we finally seeded the lawn in the backyard. I thought this day would never come.

First we had to lay out soaker hoses to soften the ground. It was driven on by our little forklift so often that it was packed down hard as a rock.


Then my mom went after it with a rototiller. (Before any of you report me for elder abuse, I would have done it but couldn't. Doctor's orders.)


Then we added lots (and lots and lots) of compost. And then my mom went after it with the rototiller again.


In the process, we dug up those three huge boulders you see on the left of the photo sitting on the crushed rock. They'll sit there until the husband gets home and moves them. It took an Act of Congress just for us to get them out of the ground and rolled to the side out of the way!


And then last night, while the clouds parted and the angels sang, we spread the seed for the lawn. Hallelujah.


I selected a dwarf fescue mix from High Country Gardens that is advertised as "low work and water." Once established it needs very little water, requires basically no mowing, and is suitable for high-traffic areas. Perfect. Assuming it actually grows, it ought to look something like this:

HCG lawn


  1. Doctors orders???Hmmmmmmmmm.

    It'll look lov-er-ly! It will. It will!

  2. Hopefully it does better than our grass did this year! Looks great!


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