Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Armed bodyguard

I got home last night from a whirlwind trip through Philadelphia and Baltimore to see all of the fabulous friends I made during the seven years I lived in Baltimore.

Coming home yesterday, I realized that from now on I need to travel with an armed bodyguard when I'm back there.

See, whenever I visit Baltimore, I always fly home with a box like this. And, as you might imagine, I attract a LOT of attention.


It's probably a good thing that most people don't realize that I'm not carrying lobster. Because if they knew that I was carrying one dozen of these bad boys, I would surely get mugged!


What are they? They are jumbo lump crab cakes from Faidley's at Lexington Market in Baltimore. And you seriously haven't lived until you've had one! I brought six for my parents for their 45th anniversary present, and six for me and the husband (i.e., six for the husband...).

These tastey delights are SO good that when I called the husband yesterday to tell him I was at the airport, his first words were something like, "You got the crabcakes, right????" Hmmm. Glad to know that he missed me...


  1. I've heard my son say these are fantastic, but haven't had one yet - next time I go down there hopefully. Looks like it needs to be broiled? I hope you waved as you passed through or over my fair state. :-)

  2. Ann, you have to try them next time you're there! They'll also ship them to you, but that can be pretty expensive because they have to be sent on ice overnight.

    You can broil or fry them, but I usually broil them and then usually burn my tongue because I can't wait to eat them as soon as they're done! :)


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