Monday, October 18, 2010


Over the weekend I began the arduous task of putting Goober's room together. I'll spare you the gory details, but it involved inventorying every printed card and piece of cardstock and all of my envelopes and then moving them from Goober's room to either the guest room for further organization or out to the new studio space in the workshop.

By Sunday morning, the shelving unit in the closet was empty and clean, and I finally (!) got to start unpacking all the awesome goodies we've received at the three baby showers thrown in our honor. I re-discovered all sorts of fun stuff I had forgotten about, and I got busy trying to get all the tiny clothes washed (just cutting off all the tags and removing the hangers took the better part of three hours!).

One of my great re-discoveries is this giraffe rattle that I received from the husband's mom. Giraffes will be a very prominent animal in the room's decor, and I love the modern shape and fabric of this rattle. I took a closer look at it yesterday and realized that it was made by a woman with shops on Etsy and Big Cartel called Bundled.

Giraffe rattle

I checked out her shops this morning, and in addition to giraffe rattles like mine, she has some super cute carrot rattles and other snuggly animals, like this bunny.

Bundled_carrot rattle

Bundled_bunny love

If you're in need of a unique, stylish, and adorable baby gift in the near future, I highly recommend this place!

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