Friday, October 1, 2010

Goober's book of life advice

In the month of September, I had three baby showers, two of which were total surprises. (And I'm not just saying that to make the hosts feel good; I really had no idea!!)

While in Baltimore last weekend visiting friends, my two friends AJ and Becky hosted a shower for me, complete with handmade African animal decorations. The favors were little bags of Goobers (chocolate covered peanuts)! :)

We got some fantastic goods from my friends, but the one thing I (and Goober, hopefully) will always treasure is this book they made for me. Each person/couple chose one of the 6 letters from "Goober" and wrote their advice, emphasizing the letter they had. Becky had a great craft station set up for folks to decorate the pages of the book.

Here's their advice:









At the back of the book is a photo of me and the husband (the day after our wedding, when many of my friends came back to my parents' house and we beat the snot out of the pinata that had been intended for the kids at the wedding!), and each of my friends wrote one of the top 10 reasons why Goober is lucky to have us as parents. Becky placed them in a paper bag and I randomly picked them to determine the order of the top 10:



Note that #4 will likely fall under the category of "Top 10 reasons why Goober is lucky to have Grandpa Jack!


  1. Positively priceless friends you have there!!

  2. Oh Man...This is one of the BEST books I have ever seen. What a treasure they gave you.

    Lucky little chocolate covered peanut!


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