Friday, October 22, 2010

Moving in

I'll be spending the better part of today out in my new studio. I have to print a few things today, but first I wanted to show you how the new space is coming along. Progress is slow but steady!

The husband finished all the electrical work and installed my two 8' fluorescent lamps with awesome bulbs. They have a color temperature of 5000k and a color rendering index of 92, which basically means they are great for printing because the colors of the ink appear closest to what they would look like in natural daylight. It's so bright in this space that you almost have to wear sunglasses. I love it! The husband also installed a ceiling fan for me, which makes me feel particularly spoiled. :)


We kept a few of the cabinets from our old kitchen, and the husband installed those and made a nice countertop and "backsplash" for me out of plywood. He even put a nice finish on it. And I had mentioned to him that I wanted to hang the pegboard above the cabinets, so he surprised me by doing that, too. It isn't exactly how I envisioned it, but it will work for now. I may have to make some slight adjustments to it down the road. It is a little high for me (I'm sort of a short munchkin) and I had planned to install open shelves above it to hold bulky stuff (packing peanuts and whatnot) that I don't have to access all too often.

I bought a small paint pod from my local Ace store in the color "Misty Morn" and painted the pegboard to get a bit of color in the room. Now I just need to get all my pegboard accessories so I can hang stuff on it and get really organized!


I also moved my three cheap-o Walmart bookcases and plywood top into this space, and they're currently holding all of my paper and envelopes. I also stole some of the husband's plastic shelves to use for bulky items. I'll probably reorganize things a million times before I find what works best for me, but this does the trick for now.


We positioned my type cabinets on the far wall, and in the coming weeks I need to finish sorting all of my type (currently stacked on rolling shelves seen at the front of the picture) and get it put away in the cabinets.


This weekend I'm hoping to move my smaller press and my two antique paper cutters onto the long wall with windows to keep the big press company.

And somewhere along the way I plan to add a small sitting area and a "Sadie Bug nap spot," but that's pretty low on the list at the moment. (Don't tell Sadie.)

Have a great weekend. I'll be back on Monday with the winner of the letterpress note cards!

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  1. I love watching the progress of your house projects! Here in apartment rental-ville, there isn't a whole lot you can change except furniture positions and accessories.


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