Thursday, October 21, 2010

More critter cards

Today I planned to do a tutorial on making seed paper animals like the sheep I made for a friend, but I discovered yesterday that I either seriously misplaced half of the photos on my computer or I accidentally deleted them from my camera! I'll take new photos when I make more sheep next week and will post a tutorial soon after that.

So instead of the tutorial, I'll show you a few more of my critter cards. Don't forget to enter to win TWO sets of your very own critter cards. Go here and leave a comment before noon EST tomorrow (Friday the 22nd).

This elephant is one of the most popular critters. I even had one woman from Sweden living in Australia but visiting the US order a large set of him printed in pink to use as invitations for her daughter's Christening.


The squirrel and bunny are among my favorite woodland creatures. And how fitting, because I now have two bunnies AND a squirrel living in the wood pile in front of our house. Apparently Wilbur is a girl and she has a husband now... And a squirrel moved in last weekend and is busy harvesting the walnuts from the tree in the front yard. They. drive. Sadie. NUTS!



And here are a few of my favorite dogs. The Weimaraner/German Shorthair pointer is probably the most popular of the dog breeds (with good reason, in my opinion!).


The border collie and the bull terrier (AKA Spuds McKenzie) are new, but I suspect they'll be pretty popular, too!



If you can't wait for the giveaway tomorrow, you can go to my shop and get your own set now. :)


  1. Awww...Love little spuds!

    Frankly, all of them!

  2. Not only do I love weimeraners (and would love to have one as soon as I can convince myself that getting another dog is not crazy in my tiny home) but I love that print especially. Did you design your animals or are they premade templates?

  3. ooh, I can sympathize - I get quite annoyed with myself when I lose pics. Spuds McK is so darn cute! I just tweeted about your giveaway - the whole world needs to see your lovely cards.

  4. Ann: Thanks very much for the tweet! :)

    Noelle: Glad to hear that you're a Weim lover! They're the best dogs. They can be a handful when they're young and need a lot of exercise, but both of mine got pretty lazy around 3 years old and were/are happy to spend most of their day just sleeping! :) These cards are printed from images that I bought. Sometimes I design my own images, but I'm not a very stellar artist (my brother got every last bit of that talent in the family!), so for big or complicated images I usually depend on a friend who is a graphic designer.


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