Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Puppy love

Sadie loves three things in life: our morning walks, the moment her daddy gets home from work, and the rare moments when her daddy sits on the couch, puts up his feet, watches some TV, and rubs her ears. Well, she also loves giving daddy wet willies and a dehydrated chicken treat that she loves so much that I call it "crack," but I digress.

A while back I was sitting in the chair watching this love fest take place. Sadie sits as far back on her butt as she can so that her back is as straight as possible.


This places her head and ears as close as possible to the husband.


Sometimes he doesn't get the hint, and she has to spell it out for him.


He figures it out eventually.


And this makes her day.


Then she always gives me this look, as if to let me know that I don't quite compare.


Of course, she sings a different tune the next day when it's time for our walk...

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  1. We have two weims and this looks totally familiar.


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