Thursday, November 18, 2010

The latest printing projects

For the past week or so I've been printing like a maniac. My time to get things printed before the baby arrives is quickly coming to a close, so I'm trying to squeeze in as many projects as I can.

I've been printing a lot of personalized cards for family members for Christmas presents, so I can't show those to you now. But here are a few other things in the works at the moment.

These deer in a meadow cards were printed in a light blue ink color and will be available in my shop early next week.

deer in meadow

And I printed a giant pile of these little guys to use as gift tags that coordinate with the Christmas card I'll be sending out this year. I still need to trim them down to size.

bird gift tags

One of my main goals for next year is to launch a line of wedding invitations. I'm working with a friend of mine who is a brilliant graphic designer to develop the designs. This is the third design she's done for me, but the first one I'm printing samples for. This design will be available as one, two, or three colors. For the samples, I set the plates up for a two-color invitation, and I printed the first color--mandarin--last night. Early next week I'll print the second color, a hot pink.

1st color henna wedding set

1st color henna wedding set

Last week while I was printing with pansy ink, I tried out these plates as a single color just to see how it would look. I was just playing around, so the printing of some of the text isn't as clear as it should be, but I love the effect that you get where the color overlaps itself when printed as two different plates.

1-color henna wedding design


  1. All of the designs are wonderful! Are you sure there aren't two Melissas? I can't figure out who the heck is operating the printing press while all that organizing is underway... never mind who is looking after Sadie and the chicks!

  2. Oh Man... I LOVE that last card....stunning! You do superb work, preggo girl...ya do!

  3. The deer cards and purple invites are great. I love your clean, uncluttered aesthetic :)

  4. these are so beautiful. followed you here from ann's all things paper.

    the details on the cards are just lovely. and i agree, the appeal is in the clean aesthetic. lovely!

  5. They look fantastic!! I absolutely love the bird gift tags.

  6. Thanks very much, everyone, for the nice words! :D


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