Thursday, December 16, 2010

Be the Change: Save a Life

For about 10 years I worked at Jhpiego, an affiliate of The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. I worked as a technical editor, mainly working on their maternal and newborn health materials, and it is this organization that made possible my carpet-buying adventures in Afghanistan and the acquisition of the prized flying monkey, Bob.

I just found out from a friend still at Jhpiego that their work in Afghanistan will be featured on this special on global health by ABC's 20/20 tomorrow, December 17.  UPDATE 12/18: Apparently this will be an ongoing series, and so last night's episode didn't include the feature on Jhpiego. I'll try to find out when that episode will air so I can let you know!

jhpiego 20 20

Click HERE to watch the preview.

If you get a chance, please tune in to watch it. The preview looks fantastic.


  1. Wow! One more reason I faithfully follow your blog. AJ

  2. That must have been a fascinating job, Melissa. Am annoyed with myself for forgetting to dvr the program. Fingers crossed it's available on demand.

  3. It was an amazing job! I'm lucky that I still get to work with similar organizations and some of the same people as a freelance editor.
    I also didn't get to watch it--I forgot that it was my husband's office Christmas party last night, and I'm not smart enough to figure out our DVR. So I was relieved to hear from a friend that Jhpiego's story will be featured at a later date. I'll let you know when!

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