Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A very heavy weight

This morning I feel like a very heavy weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!

On Monday night I FINALLY finished the crazy task of duplexing all of the New Year's cards I've been working on. Normally I would use a spray adhesive and the task would go fairly quickly, but I wanted to avoid all those fumes. My trial run using PVA didn't work out very well; so much of the glue was absorbed by the cotton letterpress paper that the paper curled like crazy. I only have so many cookbooks to stack on top of them to get them to dry flat... In the end, I used double-sided tape on all four sides of the card and another strip down the middle. It worked like a charm, but oh my gosh did it take forever. It also took a lot of double-sided tape!

Ecoliteracy cards5

Yesterday morning I trimmed the cards to their final size. All 240 of the suckers.

Ecoliteracy cards3

Each card is a paired with a recycled kraft paper envelope.

Ecoliteracy cards1

Last night I packed them up to be shipped today. Wow, what a relief to have this project done. Everything else has been on hold to make sure I could finish this before the baby comes!

Now I just have one more editing project left, which I hope to finish today, and then I can get back to cleaning, nesting, baking, and playing with tiny baby clothes! :)


  1. Look at those lovely stacks and so classy too! Smart move avoiding nasty fumes. Even if it did take a ton of tape, I bet Goober is thanking you. :) I use a glue stick for layers usually (less stressful for positioning) and have had good luck, but must admit with time it will occasionally let go.

  2. Ooh...I love those cards!!!
    Beautiful work:)


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