Thursday, January 6, 2011

Completely random photos

I'm still waiting for Goober to arrive. At this point I have removed every item from every kitchen cabinet and drawer and cleaned and reorganized everything. So now I'm moving on to the absolutely shocking mess of photos on my computer.

Many of the same pictures appear in one or more sizes in up to 10 different folders in various locations around my computer (and on CD)! Organizing them is a monumental task, but it's also a lot of fun and I've rediscovered lots of photos that bring back great memories. Here are just a few of them.

Sadie Bug. This dog cracks me up on a regular basis.


Simon. Oh, Simon. I still miss him like crazy.


Ah, now this one brings back some memories. I lived in Baltimore for many years, and I used to love having parties at my house (it helps that I had some of the funnest friends in the world)! I often had different contests for my parties and guests could compete for prizes. Contests included best hat, best use of leftover Halloween candy, and--for this party--best use of a fruit or vegetable. If I remember correctly, this was the winning entry, which was created by my friend Young.

Veggie arrangement

I spent the majority of my time in Baltimore gutting and rebuilding a 1920 brick rowhouse. At one point, I had a brand new wall of white drywall that was just BEGGING for some art. So I had a few friends over one weekend, and, with the help of good music and freely flowing mimosas, we proceeded to create our own art using paint. Each person had their outline drawn on the wall, and then we took turns adding to each outline, moving to the next person each time a new song started. This was a total blast and actually delayed progress on the house for several weeks because I didn't have the heart to paint over them!

Milton wall

Of all the photos I have from Afghanistan, this one of this young man holding a stack of naan has remained one of my favorites. It was taken right outside the shop of one of my three go-to guys for carpets just off Chicken Street in Kabul.

Afghan man with naan

And here's another favorite. This is me with my "bodyguard" shopping on the streets of Kabul. For a small "fee" he stayed with me while shopping, carrying my bags and helping me navigate beggars and other street urchins. No matter how much time had passed since my last visit (almost a year at one point), he always seemed to find me within just a few minutes of my arrival on the street AND he remembered my name. He spoke perfect English and had a great sense of humor. I still remember being completely dumbfounded during my visit in 2005 that he knew more about the status of Michael Jackson's child molestation trial than I did!


And now back to organizing...


  1. the first one is still my all time FAV!!!

  2. I love that first photo! Awesome:)

    ps...I am having a give-away on my blog if you have a minute to stop over!!!!!!

  3. Absolutely wonderful photos! Love the pups and there's even something endearing about limp Swiss chard, especially when it's in a carved squash - now that took some doin'! You throw the best parties. And it's SO nice to meet you face to face! Fingers crossed this is THE day if the big event hasn't occurred by now.


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