Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A visit from the stork

Goober's here, and it's a boy!

He was born Saturday, January 8, at 4:47 am.
8 lbs, 0.9 oz.
20.25 inches


His name is Lachlan John Bilyeu. We think he's kind of neat, and also awfully cute (especially now that the small rash on his face is clearing up!).

I'll be mostly absent from here for a few more days, but hope to be back soon!


  1. Aww, he's perfect! (and well worth the wait, I'm very sure!) Congratulations!

  2. Is the ch hard, like lock, or kind of soft and more in the back of the throat?

    Either way, I approve of the name and your son, who is sweet and lovely. Congrats. =)

  3. ...AND he is stunning! How did the birth journey go? Beautiful, beautiful babe.

    Congrats...new family. How is sadie taking to the big/little goober?

  4. Thanks very much everyone! :)

    The ch is hard, so it's pronounced like lock. Even though the name is Scottish (means land of lakes), we discovered the name because it is a really popular boy name in Australia. Right after I found out I was pregnant, an Australian named Lachlan was over here for a while to work with my husband, and we had him over for dinner. I immediately loved the name, and it was my top boy name for the entire pregnancy. So I was ecstatic when my husband mentioned that he liked it, too! We decided on the name some time ago, and boy was that hard to keep secret from the family!! :D

  5. Congratulations! He has the cutest tiny nose ever. What luck I had in checking your blog for the first time in forever, today!
    Best wishes for as much sleep as possible!


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