Thursday, January 27, 2011

Main bathroom before and after

When we first got our house, the kitchen was right up at the front of the house. A half wall greeted you once you walked through the front door. On one side of the wall was the stove and the rest of the kitchen, and on the other side was a narrow hallway into the living room that separated the kitchen from the main bathroom. The door of the bathroom was placed so that if you stood at the stove cooking, you could see the toilet about 5 feet away. That seemed, um, sort of weird to me.

Because the house started its life as a gas station, only the sink and toilet were originally present. At some point, one of the owners added a garage on the other side of the bathroom, and then used some of that space to add a tub and shower. The bathroom was teeny tiny, and everything that was crammed in there was extremely dated.

Main bath before1

Main bath before2

We ripped everything out and tore down all of the walls.

Main bath during1

The new bathroom was widened to hold a 5.5-foot long tub (which is so awesome!) and extended to include a large vanity and a 15" linen closet. The door was also moved around the corner so that it isn't visible from the kitchen.

Main bath during2

The tub surround is slate tile in grays, greens, and tans, and we put in light maple cabinets.

Main bath after2

Main bath after1

The countertop is a product called granicrete. They use a trowel to spread a thin layer of concrete over wood. For my countertop, they added some texture to make it look similar to the slate, and then used a variety of colored stains to match the colors found in the slate tile. The countertop was then covered with an epoxy so that it is smooth to the touch but allows you to see the texture underneath.

Main bath after3


  1. WHAT a huge diff! I love that concrete countertop. The whole bathroom is so full of texture! Love it!

  2. Beautiful! Especially love the cabinetry - such pretty wood.


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