Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lack of progress

Go ahead and laugh, but I really had planned to get all sorts of stuff done around here while Lachlan is so small. What's that they say about newborns sleeping all of the time? Well, he does sleep alot, but he's recently decided he really only wants to sleep if some part of his little body is in contact with mine! I love the snuggle time, but it's hard to be productive when I only have one hand free...

I finally bought one of those backpack-style front baby carriers while I wait for the hotsling I ordered. What a difference! I stick him in there and he goes to sleep almost immediately and stays soundly asleep until the next feeding. Momma's back in business!

Since I don't have much else to show you, here are some of the latest photos of the little monkey in his little monkey outfit, taken at 23 days old.


  1. oh my gosh... he is too cute for words, Melissa! Glad you've found a way to get things done while he snoozes.

  2. Pure delight! He's adorable. If you didn't finish one project for the rest of the year, you'd still be ahead of the game!

  3. Yahoo! Laughlin IS the project of the year! I agree, he just keeps getting more & more amazing!
    ...and what type of camera do you have again? The detail & the photographer's skill is fantastic.

  4. That little cherubic face with the smiling eyes is better than ANY house project EVER! Remind yourself that.

    Let all projects come to a grinding halt...for...oh...18 years or so.

  5. He's so cute! Beautifully taken pictures!

  6. Thanks, everyone, for thinking he's so cute. :D

    Roz: My camera is a Nikon D3100. It's awesome and SO much smarter than I am. Ha!


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