Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seed pots

It's just about time for me to start thinking about starting some seeds for my garden this year. Last year I tried two DIY projects for starting seeds using eggshells and pots made from recycled toilet paper rolls and newspaper.

If you're thinking of starting some seeds yourself, you may be interested in the results of my experiment last year that showed that the eggshell seedlings did much, much better than the ones grown in the paper pots. I think it had a lot to do with my busy schedule: the paper pots dried out much faster than the eggshells, and I wasn't always good about checking them to see if they needed to be watered. The paper pots also had a tendency to mold if they were placed too close to each other.

Eggshell and paper cup tomatoes

Eggshell tomatoes

One other tip I can share about the eggshell pots: you can use a Sharpie or other permanent marker to write the seed type on the eggshell, but just be sure that this part of the eggshell is protected from direct sunlight because it has a tendency to fade over time (or check the shells every now and then and rewrite the seed type if necessary).

Happy seed sowing!


  1. I remember that little pot experiment! Looking forward to hearing about you and Lachlan planting your seedlings in a few months. Do you have a stroller or walker at the ready so he can watch from the sidelines?

  2. Ann, I'm currently planning my garden for this year, hoping to grow lots of stuff to feed little Lachlan once he starts eating real food!

    I do have an off-road type stroller for our walks with Sadie, but I also got a really cute little garden wagon from my mom for Christmas. I'm thinking it will be perfect for Lachlan--I can sit him in the back of it and he can help me with the weeding! :D

  3. Sounds like fun... he will love being outside - watching you, Sadie, and the worms, bugs, and birds. Might have to wait a few years for weeding help though. :)


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