Sunday, January 2, 2011

Still waiting on Goober

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good New Year's eve/day. Ours was good but low key. We're just sitting around waiting for Goober. I guess s/he didn't like the ETA of December 30, so now we're just trying to pass the time until the big arrival.

In the meantime, the husband got the last of the artwork up in the baby's room, and I finished organizing as much as I can without having a clue of what I'll need and where I need it...

Goobers room1

I still need to add two significant pieces of art to the room, but they aren't framed yet so I may have to shuffle things a bit down the road.

But for now the room is clean and comfortable, and the relative lack of clutter is so nice and calming.

Goobers room2

I love my reclining glider. It is so comfortable, and it is positioned so that I have a great view out of the window of our pasture and the cliffs in the distance.

Goobers room3

In fact, it's so nice that I think the husband and I might have to arm wrestle for it.


  1. Everything looks lovely! Enjoy these idyllic days of waiting... it's a good feeling to know you're all ready and to have time to sit and admire all you've accomplished. I always feel sorry for parents who get plunged into chaos when the baby arrives early. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I was three weeks overdue with #1 and #2 arrived two weeks late. The threat (and scheduling) of being induced worked like a charm each time though!

  2. Ok...I'll chime onto Ann's comment. I was also 3 weeks late with my 1st...about 2 weeks with each succesive one.

    Don't rush it...lot's of brain growth going on (baby too ;)

  3. Oh, no! Two to three weeks late!?!? I know two grandmothers who will NOT like the sounds of that! Sadie and I are happy to keep waiting (it helps tremendously that I'm still quite comfortable...), but the husband and the relatives are starting to get impatient! :)

  4. do you think sadiebug will stare at goober like she did the baby chicks?


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