Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spaghetti and bush delicata squash

In the last few years I've suddenly become a huge fan of winter squash.

Last year I grew some Honey Bear acorn squash from seed from Territorial Seed Company and they were fantastic. So this year I planted four of them and got several yummy squash that we recently enjoyed with dinner.

Honey Bear acorn

This year I branched out, and in addition to the Honey Bear I also planted several other squash from Territorial Seed, including a spaghetti squash. We had the first one for dinner several nights ago. I roasted it and topped it with just a tiny bit of butter and it was out of this world. And it was a bit sweeter than other spaghetti squash I've had. I'll put up with the long (6 feet) vines and plant a lot more of these next year.

I also planted some Bush Delicata from Territorial Seed. Space was limited, and I had so many Honey Bear that I only had one plant of the Bush Delicata. Boy, was that a mistake!

Bush delicata

We ate one of these for dinner last night and it was SO good. Fantastic, in fact. The husband proclaimed it his favorite squash so far. It's described as having a sweet nutty flavor with hints of brown sugar and butter, and they don't lie! If you're looking for a good winter squash to grow in the upcoming season, absolutely plant some of these (as many as you possibly can). They grow in a nice and tidy bush that won't take over your garden, and the few squash bugs I had this year seemed to mostly bypass this plant. Seriously folks, you gotta get some of these.


  1. Wowza....You make me wanna try it! Did you just harvest them...or have they been in cold storage for a while?

    Goober? Still hangin' in?

  2. Definitely try them if you can! I harvested them before the first frost in October and they've just been sitting on my kitchen counter since then. I didn't do anything special with them because I knew I'd eat them quickly, but I think if you grow a ton of them and want to keep them all winter they probably require slightly cooler storage temps.

    Goober is still hanging in there! It will be 40 weeks on the nose on the 30th. Snow and frigid temps forecasted for the 31st, so that's probably when s/he'll come! :)


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