Monday, February 28, 2011

Angela's pinstriping

Back in December I showed you some business cards I printed for my friend, Gigi, who does pinstriping. Over the weekend she used my studio space for one of her pinstriping jobs, so I was able to get some photos of the process.

The motorcycle is an absolutely stunning copper and black Harley Davidson. Gigi used black and copper paint and copper leafing.




Here's a series of photos that shows the process on one of the bike's saddlebags. What is amazing to me is that she does everything freehand and is somehow able to get each side perfectly symmetrical!






Front fender


  1. Wait... I need close ups. What is the tool Gigi uses to apply the stripes? Is it a brush or something else? It's so amazing how perfectly symmetrical the designs are. She obviously has a super steady head and loads of talent... and an aching back, I would imagine!

  2. Gigi uses a very specialized brush. You can see it fairly well in the last photo. The handle of the brush is about as long as the bristles. My hand cramps just looking at the way she has to hold it!

    Yes on all your other comments: loads of talent and an amazingly steady hand, even when bending herself into all sorts of positions to reach what she's painting! It was amazing to watch.

  3. Ah okay, now I understand, thanks. Yes, it does look like the bristles are about the same as the handle; that's what had me confuzzled.

  4. Thank you for posting these! Justin took great pictures! I hope you and the family can make it to the art gallery show January 6th at the new location for The Raw Canvas!!


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