Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Letterpress for the little ones

I'm probably not telling you anything new when I say that babies can be pretty expensive. For the majority of the population without their own printing press, I imagine it is probably a hard decision for parents who want to announce the birth of their bundle of joy with an elegant letterpress birth announcement. Do they splurge on the announcements or buy another box or two of baby wipes at Costco?

So with this in mind, I've been working on developing a line of letterpress birth announcements. They're sweet and simple, and because of that they'll also be pretty darn affordable. Over the last few weeks I've been printing some samples as I get free time (i.e., when Lachlan sleeps for more than 15 minutes at a time!). I can't wait to finish them (only two more to go...). Until then, here's a sneak peak at three of them.





  1. Beautiful, classy, elegant... I could go on and on with the adjectives!


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