Saturday, April 30, 2011

Save the peaches!

It's almost May. It's also 27 degrees outside and there is a light covering of snow on the ground. That whump-whump-whump I hear is the windmills in the orchard across the street trying with all their might to circulate the air and hopefully save this year's crop of peaches.

Mt Garfield with snow

I sure hope it works. Lachlan is really looking forward to tasting the first of many world-famous Palisade peaches this summer.

I also hope that my ten new Corsican violets are as hardy as they're supposed to be...

corsican violets and snow


  1. Oh yikes, history is repeating itself, eh? Hope they will be okay - it does look beautiful though. Warming up to 70 here today after a week or so of sticky, summer weather. We're all mixed up!

  2. Indeed! Last year's frost was in early May, and I had thought that we'd be in the clear this year seeing how we've had such great weather lately. Boy was I wrong. At least I haven't planted any of my vegetables yet! :)


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