Thursday, April 14, 2011

That's pinteresting

Do you pin? I first heard of Pinterest many months ago, but I only recently became sucked into this time-wasting world. It's the kind of thing you can become addicted to in about 3 seconds. The way it works is this: If you see a photo online that you like, you "pin" it to a virtual board. You can have a variety of different categories, and the neat thing is that you can describe the pin and add tags for it, and it saves the link where you found the picture. No more orphan images on your computer!

You can look at the pins of the larger Pinterest community, and you can "repin" these pins to your board. You can also follow other people's boards, and their pins will show up on your Pinterest page for you to repin if you so choose. You can also comment on pins and "like" them. Like I said, it's a time waster, but it's also a rather nice way of saving photos you come across and want to keep for future inspiration.

If you want to see what I find pinteresting, you can check out my boards here (you'll probably have to scroll down the page to see my boards).

For example, here's one of the photos I came across that went onto my "Stinking cute" board.

In other news, I'm doing some spring cleaning around here. Please pardon my dust as I try to figure out some new templates and colors for this gig... 

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  1. pINTERESTING, indeed. I could see the time sop it could induce!


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