Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day

I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful day yesterday. I had a great day with my mom, the husband and Lachlan. We went to the art and jazz festival in downtown Grand Junction in the morning and I got some cool things I'll show you in the next few days.

My gift for mother's day was a hole in the ground.

Well, not just a hole in the ground, but 13 holes in the ground!

And I didn't even have to dig them!

The best part is that these holes in the ground will soon be home to 13 new David Austin roses that will probably arrive this week. I'm getting 10 Queen of Sweden roses and 3 Claire Austin roses. Yahooo!


  1. Happy (belated) 1st Mother's Day, Melissa! Isn't it funny how things like holes in the ground can please us so much? Those roses will be beautiful, though I have to say I look at your soil with dismay... it's so different than east coast soil, though obviously things grow well in it (remembering your weeds post the other day). Hope you also got an IOU for weeding time for Mother's Day btw. :)

  2. Thanks, Ann! Yes, our soil leaves something desired in some places, but in other places it's great! This particular area used to be a gravel driveway, so it has a lot of gravel in it several inches deep. But the husband dug the holes extra deep so we can add lots of good soil and compost to keep the roses happy.

    I made considerable progress on the weeds last week, but I still have SO much left to do. Right now I'm trying to concentrate only on the ones that are getting ready to go to seed, and that is keeping me plenty busy!

  3. Holes?? Holes are a PERFECT Mother's Day treat!! Yep that earth is a little...cough...dry. But I have no doubt your green thumb will prevail!

  4. Yes, Happy (belated) Mother's day! I'm still recuperating from a ton of gardening at my sister's, then a trip home...planting 4 raised beds was just the beginning. If Palisade soil is anything like Grand Junction's, then you've got a heaven of a hubby!!! Those roses, and your other flowers are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!


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