Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big river (don't keep on growin')

Every  morning I pack Sadie and Lachlan into the car and we drive a mile to a park that is situated along the Colorado river. From there we walk about 2 miles or so on a path that follows the river, but yesterday our walk was cut short.

It seems that major snow in the mountains all winter plus really warm temperatures the past few weeks has led to a mighty high Colorado river. In anticipation of the flooding, they've been moving a lot of dirt and boulders at the park for the last two weeks, trying to build up some low-lying areas along the river. But I guess they didn't move quite enough...

CO river flood

CO river flood

CO river flood

Fortunately, Sadie seems to understand that the river is pretty dangerous right now, and she's been avoiding all the spots where she normally jumps in for a drink and to cool off.

CO river flood

Besides, there are plenty of places for her to swim on the other side of the path, in what used to be dry land!

CO river flood

As crazy as it is to see our river like this, I can't imagine what it must be like to live in the areas so hard hit by flooding this year!

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  1. SO much devastation this year... I was just listening to a report that said the smoke from wildfires in Arizona has reached Colorado. I'll take our heat and humidity over tornadoes, floods, and fires any day.


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